Do you need a courier software?

We are offering a tool with three interfaces for mail order services. The courier software has an administration section, a client side surface and an application interface. The tool has many functions; for example it’s possible to download various documents.


The customers are able to send their orders over the first-class programme. In addition, the dispatcher can follow the way of the couriers and can send them SMS messages. It’s very easy to allocate the tasks with the courier software. One can set standard fees for the clients, so the invoicing is really fast.

What’s more, there is no limit for the number of users in the programme. The interface of the programme is multilingual, so the use of the tool is not difficult at all. Last but not least, the courier software can make important statistics for the dispatchers and administrators of the programme,

so it’s beneficial not only for the mail oder services, but for the spot delivery services too. You should call the telephone number + 36 20 451 7460 if you are interested in the product.